How to set a Default Calendar

Your default Calendar is the calendar CalendarHero will use to book your meetings in.

  • Only one single calendar at a time (the one set as "Default Calendar") will be used for scheduling your meetings (e.g. your booked meetings will appear in this calendar). Other (non default) connected calendars will be used to check your availability only! Learn how to add a new calendar 
  • When setting your default calendar ensure you select a calendar that you have both read AND write permissions for -- or scheduling will fail. 
    • Does your Calendar say "READ-ONLY"? If so this will not work as a default calendar and can only be used for availability.
    • Wondering how to update a calendars to ensure write permissions? You may need to contact your organization's calendar Google Cloud or Microsoft administrator for assistance - as these permissions live outside of CalendarHero.
  • You can set your default calendar (the one used to book the meetings on) from your Installed Integrations list. From the "..." dropdown click "Set as Default" from the drop down menu. A badge will be added to indicate that it is your default calendar. You can also set your default from your Meeting Scheduling > General Settings page.
  • Google Users: When CalendarHero syncs with Google Calendar we will automatically set your  primary Google calendar as the CalendarHero default calendar. 
    • Not sure what your primary calendar in Google is? This is referenced when you click "Calendars" from your CalendarHero
      Integrations list
    • Unfortunately Google does not allow you to change your primary calendar within Google (this is a limitation of Google and NOT CalendarHero). However you can change your default CalendarHero calendar as mentioned above.  
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