How to specify a specific date and time for a meeting

CalendarHero is built to intelligently find the best time to meet, and replace the "When are you free?" dance that typically happens when you need to schedule a meeting. So for most meetings you won't need to specify the meeting time.

That said, there may be times when you already know when you want to meet, or when a client or colleague has already communicated the best time through other channels. If this happens before you create a meeting request then simply specify the time using the "Specific Date" option in the web scheduler.  If this happens after you already sent out a CalendarHero meeting request then you can postpone the meeting to a specific time.

When you select a specific time then instead of sending your invitees a request to select a time to meet, the meeting will automatically be booked at the specified time. Invitees will receive email confirmation and a calendar invite.

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