What can my assistant understand?

Below are some highlights of what your Meeting Assistant understands when you integrate with a chat platform - such as Slack or MSTeams.

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Meeting Types

CalendarHero is built for meeting scheduling and therefore includes a number of pre-configured meeting types out of the box. This allows your assistant to understand various meeting types like  coffeecall, or lunch - and also allows you to configure each different meeting according to your personal needs. 

Contact Names

Just like a real assistant, your automated assistant knows who you talk to the most and how often. CalendarHero uses contact disambiguation intelligence in order to learn from your data. In short, your assistant can learn which "Mary" you interact with most, so that when you say Mary it picks the correct one from the dozens you may have in your contact network.

You may need to use your invitee's first and last name in the beginning, but once you get use CalendarHero a few times, you can just request a meeting with them by using their first name. e.g.  "schedule coffee with Mary next week".


Your chat based assistant can understand a variety of ways to ask for dates, and is constantly improving. For example, you can ask your assistant to schedule a meeting for next two weeks/ in 2 months/ late next week/ next Tuesday. This makes it really quick and easy to set up a meeting!


You can talk to your assistant in almost every language , but it will only reply back in English, Spanish, French  and Portuguese for now.

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