Can I block time or schedule a meeting with myself?

CalendarHero syncs in real-time with your connected calendar (e.g. Google or Microsoft) so any blocks you add to your favourite calendar will be automatically considered when scheduling a meeting. For example you can simply add a busy block to your Google calendar, and CalendarHero will know not to schedule during this time. 

In addition CalendarHero users who have connected to a chat platform (like Slack) can easily block time off in their connected calendar for personal appointments, or so they are not disturbed during a specific duration of time. Blocked time will book an event in your calendar where you are the only participant. If no subject is given then the block will be labelled as "Block" in your calendar. To add a subject say  for and use quotes around the subject - e.g. for "Dentist Appointment".

Try blocking some time for yourself by saying:  "Block off tomorrow at 9am for "Dentist Appointment" or "Block off next week for "Vacation"

TIP! Blocking time is a great way to very quickly schedule some focus time for yourself or to ensure you have time to travel between meeting locations; however users can also take advantage of the intelligent Daily Downtime and Travel Buffer settings for additional automation.

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