How do I create teams / groups for meetings?

CalendarHero supports meeting attendee groups. We call them teams (not to be confused with Microsoft Teams the chat platform we integrate with :) This makes it easy to quickly book a meeting with pre-defined groups of people - such as the Sales or HR team. 

Setting up a Team / Group for Meetings

Create a new Team:

  • Login to the web app and go to Meeting Scheduling > Meeting Teams/ Groups:
  • Click "Add" and give your team a name
  • Add the team members names (keep typing the full name until you find the matching contact). A team member must be an existing contact. 
  • Save your team - and that's it!
  • Once a team / group is created you can refer to them when you interact with your assistant. Learn how by scrolling down to the next section :)

Import existing Teams:

  • Read only teams are teams that have been automatically imported from your corporate directory (via connected 3rd party provider such as Google cloud)

Referring to a Team (in-chat)

Once you have a team or group set up you can refer to the name of that team when you are requesting help from your assistant in your favourite chat platform. For example:

  • Adding a user to an existing team: "add John Smith to the marketing team".
  • Removing a user from an existing  team: "remove John Smith from the marketing team".
  • Viewing your teams: "view my teams".
  • Using a team to schedule a meeting: "schedule a meeting with the marketing team next week".

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