Can I schedule a Group meeting with multiple attendees?

Yes! Absolutely.

Add as many attendees as you need for your meeting and the unique A.I. group algorithm finds the best time for everyone to meet. CalendarHero is purposely built to add more automation and intelligence to the meeting scheduling process; no matter how many guests you invite to the meeting!

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Adding Multiple Attendees

No matter how you're scheduling your meeting with CalendarHero - it's always easy to set up group meetings and invite multiple invitees.

Personal Scheduling Link

If you are using a personal scheduling link to allow invitees to self-book time with you, then you can also empower them to invite other guests. 

There are times when it's not always clear who needs to be invited to a meeting, especially if you're meeting with a client who might require other stakeholders on their end. That's why CalendarHero makes it easy to allow your invitees to invite additional guests to a meeting.

When this setting is enabled (by the meeting creator from the associated Meeting Type) an "Add Guests" option will appear on the landing page. When checked invitees can invite other guests by simply entering their email address. Your invitees can even choose whether they want their guests to also suggest meeting times or simply receive an invite when the meeting is booked.

If other guests are added, CalendarHero will automatically send an invite to those guests and add them as attendees. The meeting creator will also be notified if guests have been added, so they are aware a group meeting is in progress. This is a convenient way to ensure all stakeholders on your client's or prospects side are included in the meeting!  

Web Scheduler

If you are using our powerful web scheduler then simply add multiple invitees using the "who should I invite" search. You can search across your contacts or add a new contact as needed.

CalendarHero users are also able to mark an invitee as VIP to denote their importance in attending a group meeting.

Chat Request

If you are using your CalendarHero automated assistant on a chat platform like Slack or MSTeam Just include a list of attendee names separated by a comma when requesting a meeting.

eg. "call with John, Alice and Henry next week" 

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