How to stay on top of my Calendar

This article explains how to query your calendar from your favourite chat platform - such as Slack or MSTeams. For more general info on connecting and customizing your calendar integrations click here.

Just like a real assistant the CalendarHero assistant can answer questions about your calendar (right from your favourite chat platform) and let you know what meetings you have based on what you asked it. This is extremely handy for quickly finding out information about your upcoming schedule!   

For scheduled meetings your assistant will reply with the meeting name, date and time, attendees, and location.  

For free time your assistant will quickly provide you with an overview of unscheduled time on your calendar. 

Try asking the following:

  •  "what meetings do I have tomorrow" 
  • "what meetings do I have next week" 
  •  "when is my meeting with John Smith"
  • "when am I free this week?"

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