How do Reminders work?

Remind yourself to do certain tasks at specific times! From your favourite chat platform (such as Slack or MSTeams) tell your automated assistant anything that is important that you don't want to forget. Your assistant will add this as a reminder to your calendar, and it will also message you at the requested date and time on your preferred messenger.

Please make sure to include a date and time so that your assistant knows when to remind you. 
For example - ask your assistant:
remind me to call Roy at 11am on Tuesday
remind me to log my time everyday at 5:30pm
remind me at 2pm to prepare NDA for Monaco Sales Deal

Recurring Reminders:
You can now also ask your assistant to remind you in a recurring manner. Just like with one-off reminders once the reminder is added it will appear both in the user's calendar and in chat.

Canceling a Reminder: Go to Active Tasks ( and click the 'Cancel' button. This will delete the upcoming reminder and you will no longer be notified. Learn More

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