Co-worker Scheduling

Need to more easily schedule meetings with co-workers who aren't using CalendarHero? 

Team plan users who are using Google calendar across their organization can now use “Instant Co-worker Scheduling” to easily know when other co-workers are available to meet.

When this setting is enabled CalendarHero will use the Google free/busy calendar permissions to sync availability for all applicable co-workers. Knowing your co-workers availability means CalendarHero can automatically offer you the best time to meet when you request a meeting (or use Find Times to accelerate a meeting request). Ultimately this means faster scheduling for everyone! 

Please note: While CalendarHero has access to free vs busy availability for your co-workers - it is not able to view any meeting details.

Managing Co-Worker Scheduling

By default this setting is on for all users. To manage this setting:

  1. Go to My Integrations >  Calendar
  2. Select "..." > Calendar Settings
  3. Under "Instant Co-worker Scheduling" select to Enable or Disable
  4. "Enable" will use the co-worker free / busy availability to find the best time to meet
  5. "Disable" will NOT use the co-worker free / busy availability 

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