What platforms does CalendarHero work with?

Your CalendarHero assistant lives where you work: inside your favourite chat platform, alongside your inbox, or directly in your browser!  Below is a list of the support platforms CalendarHero integrates with. Click a link to learn more about each. 

If you are using more than one platform you can select which one receives notifications, like morning briefings: How to set a preferred platform

Web Interface

CalendarHero started as a chat-based platform, but now works on the web - just like you do :) 

With our web-based interface, you can schedule meetings, without needing to install anything! It is the most powerful and popular way to use CalendarHero.

Chat Platforms

CalendarHero supports all of your favourite chat platforms! Once installed you can chat with your Meetings Assistant using natural language. Learn more about scheduling a meeting on chat here.

Email / Browser Plugins

Spend most of your time inside email? Try one of our email plugins for easy scheduling!  Learn more about scheduling a meeting on email here.

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