Calendar not supported for specific settings

While CalendarHero supports all major calendars (Google, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud) there are some feature restrictions due to 3rd party calendar limitations in iCloud and Microsoft Exchange On-Premises.

If you are saving a meeting type and see the following error:

"Unfortunately your booking calendar does not support your current settings. Please update your booking calendar to Google, Microsoft or Exchange Online/Hybrid."

This error occurs if you are using:

This error might also occur is you are using iCloud or Exchange On-Premises with the following shared availability settings as these calendars do not support setting the meeting creator as "free" which is required for this functionality:

  • external on-behalf 
  • on-behalf + disable transfer ownership
  • collective + omit my availability

To use these features please update your booking calendar to Google. Microsoft 365, or Exchange Online / Hybrid.

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