How to Add Times to Email

Looking to quickly add your availability to an email? CalendarHero has a few options:

  • Use the CalendarHero Gmail Add-on to insert a preview of available meeting times into a new or replied email. Learn More
  • Use the CalendarHero Outlook Plugin to insert a preview of available meeting times into a new or replied email. Learn More
  • Copy times from the CalendarHero Meeting Type menu to your clipboard so you can insert into any email (available to Pro and Team plans only)
  • Alternatively you can copy and paste your personal scheduling link into any email or DM. Learn More

(Web) Add Times to Email

It's quick and easy to copy a view of your available times from the CalenndarHero web app. 

  1. Go to either your Dashboard or your Meeting Type list and click "..." > "Add Times to Email". This option is not available on Basic plans.
  2. Once clicked an available times preview will appear. 
  3. Click "Copy times to clipboard" to copy. A confirmation message (at top right) will confirm the times have been copied,
  4. Navigate to your email and use the paste command to paste your times directly into your email. 

How does it work?

  • Times inserted are available at the time that they are added. If they are no longer available when your contact selects one then they will be informed and prompted to select a different time.
  • CalendarHero believes you shouldn't have to think about when you're free! That's why we use intelligence to select a range of times based on your availability and custom meeting type settings. Up to 9 available times are automatically added to the email. 
  • A contact can always click "View More Times" to select alternative times from your associated scheduling page (just like they would if they clicked on your scheduling link)
  • You can edit or remove the "Please select a time..." copy if needed .

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