How to do I set a Max Attendee limit for my group class?

Limit the number of attendees that can join your pre-scheduled Group Class

  • Enter your max number of attendees per scheduled group class. This number will be used as the max number of attendees per scheduled group class.
  • If a limit is added, then that limit will be listed on the Group scheduling page to inform invitees - e.g. "25 spots left".
  • Once the limit has been reached new attendees will be automatically prevented from joining. 

Managing your Max Attendee Limit:

Add a limit to any Group Class meeting type (under Booking Details) or from the Group Class scheduler by selecting "Limit to:" and entering a number value.  

If you don't want to limit sign-ups simply select "No Limit" - which will allow up to 1000 attendees.

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