Allow invitees to invite guests

There are times when it's not always clear who needs to be invited to a meeting, especially if you're meeting with a client who might require other stakeholders on their end. That's why CalendarHero makes it easy to allow your invitees to invite additional guests to a meeting. Your invitees can also choose whether they want their guests to suggest meeting times or simply receive an invite when the meeting is booked.

To keep you in the loop, if your invitee decides to invites guests you will be automatically informed. 

How to enable / disable Invitee Guests

The 'Invitee Guests' feature can be enabled or disabled per meeting type (from the "Invitee Experience" tab). By default this option is enabled for all new meeting types. 

If you do not want invitees to be able to add guests disable this option.

Please note: When enabled this option will apply to all meetings created using that meeting type. 

What your invitees will see

If enabled your invitees will see a "I want to invite guests to this meeting" option on the left side of their meeting acceptance page.

If an invitee checks this option they will be asked to enter the guest(s) email. An invitee can invite multiple guests at once if required. In addition the invitee can choose whether they want their guest to suggest times to meet, or simply receive an invite when the meeting is scheduled. 

  • Send guests an invite for the scheduled time - (Default option): Guests will not be asked to suggest times and will only be informed of the meeting once it is scheduled. Once scheduled guests will automatically receive an email notification and a calendar invite will all meeting details.
  • Invite guests to suggest time: Guests will receive a meeting invite (on-behalf of the meeting owner) asking them to suggest times to meet. Scheduling will be dependent on the added guest providing their feedback. Once the meeting is scheduled everyone will receive an email notification and a calendar invite will all meeting details.

Once a meeting

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