Lever ATS (API key)

When you integrate CalendarHero and Lever from the Integration Directory you will be asked to add your Lever API Key.

Create and manage your Lever API keys from the Lever Integrations and API page in Settings of your Lever account, on the API Credentials tab. Make sure to keep confidentiality in mind when creating keys.

Your Lever API key will need the following permissions:

  • read-opportunity
  • read-opportunity-panel
  • read-candidate
  • list-users
  • list-opportunities
  • list-opportunity-panels
  • list-candidates
  • create-opportunity-panel
  • update-opportunity-panel
  • delete-opportunity-panel
  • create-opportunity-note
  • delete-opportunity-note

Once you have your Lever API key, copy and paste this into the API Key field and click "Add".

Learn more about using an ATS with CalendarHero

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