Invitee Experience Update

Based on user feedback, we've improved the invitee scheduling experience! 

Scheduling is now front and center...

When an invitee clicks on your personal scheduling link they will now be taken directly to the scheduling page to select a time. Previously your personal scheduling link took the user to a landing page that prompted for a name and email. While this information will still be required, the prompt will now appear after the invitee selects a time (on a dedicated "Additional Details" page). Any invitee questions or payment collection will also be requested on this page.  

We believe this update will lead to more meetings, as it helps ensure your prospects and customers aren't overwhelmed with a request for information before they even commit to schedule.

We've also simplified the design...

Our scheduling pages (for all meetings) got a facelift. The top banner has been removed to simplify the layout and information display. The meeting title, along with any (optional) custom logo or profile icon will now appear on the left directly above the other key meeting details.

If you have enabled the "Add Guests" option for your invitees, this will also appear on the left. When checked invitees can easily invite other guests to suggest times by simply entering their email address. 

As always, CalendarHero users can customize their calendar view to use a monthly or daily display. 

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