Statutory Holidays

Ever forget to block off a holiday on your calendar and find out you suddenly have a meeting? Worst. Feeling. CalendarHero is built to take care of such scheduling details so you don't have to. If you want to automatically prevent meetings from being scheduled on statutory holidays than simply enable the "Prevent scheduling on Holidays" feature. 

This setting is available to all users. For flexibility it's set at the meeting type level so you can customize which types of meetings this applies too. For example, you might not want to attend internal meetings on a holiday (your co-worker Fred can wait :), but you might be open to attending a VIP client meeting, in order to move an important deal forward. 

Need to customize specific holidays? Or located in a location not listed below? 
If so we recommend keeping the setting OFF and alternatively blocking the time as busy in your native calendar when needed. Your calendar will sync with CalendarHero and your time block will be respected.

Prevent Holiday Scheduling

This setting is off by default for all users. To enable check the "Prevent scheduling on Holidays" setting in your associated meeting type . Once applied CalendarHero will not schedule associated meetings on statutory holidays, based on which country that you are located in. 

We recommend reviewing the supported holiday list below before enabling this feature. Make sure to select your country in your Location settings to use the correct holidays.

Supported Holidays by Country

The specific date of most of these holidays changes depending on the year and CalendarHero will correctly determine that date for the specific year. If a holiday falls on the weekend in a given year, the stat holiday will fall on the following Monday. 

Holiday Country
Martin Luther King Day United States
President's Day United States
Memorial Day United States
4th of July United States
Labor/Labour Day United States / Canada
Columbus Day United States
Veteran's Day United States
United States / Canada
Christmas Day United States / Canada / United Kingdom
Kwanzaa United States
New Year's Eve United States / Canada / United Kingdom
Bank Holiday United Kingdom
Boxing Day
Canada / United Kingdom
Family Day Canada
Victoria Day Canada
Canada Day Canada
Civic Holiday Canada
Remembrance Day
Easter United Kingdom
Good Friday Canada / United Kingdom

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