How do I Schedule a Group Class?

You asked for it so we built it!  Allow multiple attendees to easily self book the same class or event.  Group Class is recommended for group events or online training that requires individual sign up. Each attendee can sign-up at their convenience via a custom scheduling page (and pay via credit card if required). Group Class requires that the event date and time is pre-selected. 

If 'No Limit' is selected then Group class supports up to 1000 attendees. Alternatively you can choose to customize the attendee limit using Max Attendees.

Group Class is now available for all users on the Professional or Team Plan

Please note due to 3rd party calendar limitations  Group Class is NOT compatible with the following booking calendars: iCloud and Exchange On-Premises. Learn More

Create a Group Class (Meeting Type)

Before you can schedule a Group Class you will need to create and customize a new Group Class meeting type. Meeting types let you easily pre-configure your meeting settings, and then reuse these settings for faster meeting scheduling. Once you create a meeting type you can reuse it for similar classes, or you can create multiple Group Class meeting types with different settings.  For example one for your weekly webinar, and one for group coaching sessions. 

  1. Go to Meeting Types and click "+ New Meeting Type".
  2. Select "Group Class" as your type.
  3. Give your meeting type a name. Once saved this can't be edited so please choose wisely. 
  4. Customize each section as required. For example you can add a custom title and description, limit the number of attendees, add a video provider or enable payment collection and much more! Learn more about customizing meeting types
  5. Save your meeting type.
  6. Once you create a Group Class meeting type, you can use it to schedule a specific class. Until you schedule your first class your Group Class landing page will be empty. 

Schedule a Group Class

Once you have created a  Group Class meeting type you can use it to schedule a Group Class at a predetermined time.

  1. Go to Meeting Types and click "Schedule Class".
  2. The Group Class scheduler will open.
  3. Select the appropriate Group Class Meeting Type from the list.
  4. Select the date and time for your class. 
  5. Update any of the other settings as required (such as duration or Max Attendees).
    1. If 'No Limit' is selected then Group class supports up to 1000 attendees. Learn More
  6. Click "Next" and a custom scheduling page for your class will be created. This page is accessible from a unique scheduling link.   
    1. Share this custom link with your clients / prospects so they can sign-up to your class.
  7. Once you share your link, go to Upcoming Tasks to track the scheduling progress.

Managing Group Classes

After you schedule your Group class you can view and manage the sign-up progress from your Upcoming Tasks. In addition every time someone new joins the class the meeting creator will receive a notification (from the preferred notification channel). 

Canceling a Class: To cancel an upcoming class click "Cancel" from the task card. All attendees will be notified and the calendar will be updated automatically. If "auto-refund" was enabled then all paid attendees will be automatically refunded

Reschedule a Class:  You can reschedule a class to another specific time. To get started go to the associated Task card by selecting "..." and then "Reschedule". All invitees will be informed of the update with an automatic notification and calendar update.

Remove an Attendee:  Remove attendees from the associated Task card by selecting "..." and then "Remove Invitees". The removed invitee will be informed and their calendar will be automatically updated. Please note that removing an attendee will not automatically refund them. This must be done manually outside of CalendarHero.

What do my Clients / Attendees see?

Once you scheduled your Group Class share simply share your custom scheduling link with your clients / attendees so they can sign up.

Clients can easily sign-up from either the Group Class landing page (copy the link from your meeting type list) or directly from the class scheduling page via the unique scheduling link (created when you schedule the class, and available from your Upcoming Task card).

If you want to share different classes (created with multiple meeting types) then we recommended creating a Directory

The Group Class landing page lists all upcoming group classes associated with that Group Class meeting type. Attendees can click "+Sign up" to be taken to the class scheduling page. If you added a Max Attendees limit then spots available in the class will automatically be limited after the maximum sign-ups is reached.

From the class scheduling page an attendee can click "Select" and then provide additional details (name, email) to quickly sign-up for the class. If you added a payment option, your attendees will also be able to pay via credit card while booking. 

Once an attendee clicks "Confirm" they will receive an email confirmation (sent from your meeting assistant) and a calendar event with all the class details (such as time, date location or video link).  The full class attendee list will be hidden.


Why does my Group Class scheduling page say there are no upcoming events? 
Every Group Class meeting type has a personal scheduling page accessible from the scheduling link. This page will list all upcoming scheduled classes associated with the meeting type. If you have not scheduled any classes, or those classes have past, then you will see a "Sorry! There are no upcoming events" message. 

Can I automatically collect payments for my Group Class?
Yes! Group Class supports collecting payments and issuing auto-refunds (for class cancellations). Learn More

Can I limit how many spots are available in my class?
Yes! Add a Maximum Attendee limit to limit class sign-ups. Once the limit has been reached new attendees will be prevented from joining. Learn More

Can an attendee decline the class after signing up?
Yes, a class attendee can click the cancel link provided in their email confirmation or calendar event to decline a class. They will be asked to enter their email address, and then will be able to select "Decline" from the original confirmation page. The attendee may choose to add a reason for declining or send a note. The meeting creator will automatically be notified when an attendee declines.Please note meeting creators must manually provide refunds if a class is declined by an attendee as payment auto-refunds are only initiated when a class is cancelled. 

Can I cancel my group class? 
Yes, you can cancel the class from your Upcoming Task card. Simply click "Cancel" and all attendees will be notified. If "auto-refund" was enabled then all paid attendees will be auto refunded.

How do I reschedule a Group Class?
Yes you can reschedule a class to another specific time. To get started go to the associated Task card by selecting "..." and then "Reschedule". All invitees will be informed of the update with an automatic notification and calendar update.

How do I remove attendees from a Group Class?
Yes you can remove attendees from the associated Task card by selecting "..." and then "Remove Invitees". The removed invitee will be informed and their calendar will be automatically updated. 

Can I have attendees sign up for a series of classes at one time?
At this time each class has to be scheduled separately. If this is an important enhancement to you let our product team know you want this feature. Contact Us

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