Customizing the calendar display for my invitees

CalendarHero is purposely built to help you book your meeting at a time that works for everyone. But it's also built to encourage invitees to find the earliest convenient time - because we know meetings are often time sensitive. That's why by default your availability is displayed in a  daily view; prompting invitees to select a time (or suggest multiple times) closer to today's date.

That said we understand CalendarHero users want more control over the invitee scheduling experience, and for some - meetings are not as time sensitive. That's why users can now customize how their availability is displayed.  

Customize Calendar Display

To customize your availability display go to My Profile > Branding & Display and select your calendar display preference. Once set, this calendar display will be used by default for all of your CalendarHero meetings. 

Daily: The Daily option displays a calendar view focused on the next 7 days of availability. Select Daily to encourage invitees to find the earliest convenient time. 

Monthly: The Monthly option displays a calendar view of the next month of availability. Select Monthly if invitees are typically scheduling more than a week in advance.

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