How do I limit the number of meetings per day?

CalendarHero users can now limit the number of allowed meetings per day, for each of your meeting types. This is a great feature for finding more balance in your workday, and helps ensure a specific type of meeting isn't taking over your schedule. 

Adding a Meeting Limit

By default there are no meeting limits set for your meeting types. To add a meeting limit go to your Meeting Type > open 'Availability' and enter a meeting limit total in the Meeting Limits field. For example if you wanted to avoid scheduling more then 3 meetings associated with that meeting type in a single day - then you would enter "3" as the meeting limit.

After the limit has been reached time slots on that day (for that meeting type) will no longer be offered for scheduling -- regardless if you still have "free" time in your day.

Note: Meeting Limits will be overridden when a meeting creator requests to schedule the meeting for a specific date and time

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