How to Schedule a Meeting via Chat

CalendarHero is one of the only scheduling platforms with advanced natural language for meeting requests. This means instead of using limited "/commands" you can ask your Meeting Assistant in natural language to schedule meetings for you using your favourite chat platform - such as Slack or MSTeams.

Chat scheduling takes a bit more practice for some, but is a great option for simple meeting requests or internal meeting scheduling. Chat users can also query their calendar, cancel or postpone meetings right from chat. If chat based scheduling isn't your thing we recommend using the full featured web scheduler.

Schedule a Meeting via Chat

These instructions apply if you are scheduling meetings using a chat platform like Slack or MSTeams:

Once you have your assistant integrated into your favourite chat platform it's easy to schedule a meeting by asking your assistant using natural language. Follow the steps below to get started.  

Simply tell your assistant (in your connected platform) the meeting details using natural language.

  • For example - say to your assistant: "Book a meeting with Mary and Sam next week for 2 hours".
  • Your assistant will know who your invitees are if you have interacted before. It may ask you for an email address if it's an unknown contact.
  • You can add a lot of information during the initial meeting request, or modify the details as you go.

Meeting Confirmation

After you make a request your assistant will respond with a confirmation - and ask if it is correct:

  • For example: Mike, you asked me to schedule a meeting with Mary and Sam someday between Monday, November 21 and Friday, November 25 from 9am to 5pm  for 2 hours. 
  • If you need to modify any details you can do that before confirming: How to Modify a Meeting request

Meeting Invitations

After your invitations are sent you will see a confirmation and your assistant will take care of the rest. Meeting invitees will automatically receive an email from your automated assistant asking them to select a time. Learn more about what invitees see when you invite them to a meeting.

  • Internal Meetings: If you and your invitee(s) are both CalendarHero users, your assistant will provide some time slots that work for everyone so that you can select a time right away. Once you select your preferred time the meeting is set and the invitees automatically notified. 
  • External Meetings: If your meeting includes an external invitee (or you selected the "Let them Decide" option for internal invitees) then when you reply with "Yes", your assistant will inform you that it will email your invitee(s), introduce itself as your assistant, and ask them to choose a time-slot based on your availability. Learn More
  • An Overview: Internal vs External Meetings

That's it! You are officially on your way to easier meeting scheduling via Chat :)

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