Adding or removing meeting invitees

Sometimes plans change and you realize that you should have invited someone else to your meeting. Not to worry! You can easily add or remove meeting attendees either after you've sent the meeting request OR even after the meeting is already scheduled. 

Looking for more info on adding invitees to the initial meeting request? Learn how to schedule a meeting

Task Card: Add / Remove Invitees

To get started go to your Active or Upcoming Task card and select "Add / Remove Invitees" from the "..." menu. 

This will open the "Modify a Meeting" web interface, with two steps - Contacts and Invitations.


  • All current meetings attendees will be listed 
  • Current attendees can be removed by clicking "X"
  • New attendees can be added using the search box

Click "Next" once you are done editing your attendees.


A summary of your changes will be shown. Select "Send Invites" to automatically send a meeting invite to your new invitees. Existing invitees will NOT be sent a notification that the new attendee was added, but they will see the new attendee on the attendee list when the meeting is booked.  

Alternatively you can select "Get Invite Link" to instead copy a Private invite URL to send directly to those new invitees. 

Any removed attendees will be sent a "Your attendance is no longer required" email notification.

That's it! Your meeting attendees have been updated.

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