How to Schedule Meetings On-Behalf of Others

CalendarHero's On-Behalf feature makes it quick and easy for users to schedule meetings on behalf of other colleagues. Use this feature to easily substitute another member or collaborators availability instead of yours. 

On-Behalf is set up on the meeting type, and can be applied to both Personal Scheduling links (so you can create a link specifically to share another member's availability with a client for self scheduling) or by invite meetings created via web or chat

Use Case Examples:

  • Executive Assistants:  
    • Easily schedule meetings on-behalf of C-Level executives, partners or other colleagues - and ensure the meeting is scheduled based on their availability and appears in their calendar once booked. 
  • Recruiters / HR:  
    • Quickly schedule candidate interviews on-behalf of a hiring manager. Allows the candidate to easily select times based on the hiring manager's availability. (To use multiple hiring managers availability we recommend using Collective Availability)
  • Sales Teams:  
    • BDRs can easily schedule meetings on-behalf of other sales colleagues - for example to transition qualified prospects to a specific account manager.

Setting up On-Behalf

The On-Behalf setting is enabled on the meeting type. To enable this setting open an existing meeting type or create a new meeting type. 

From the meeting type go to  Availability > Shared Availability and select the radio button next to "On-Behalf". Choose whether or not to Transfer Ownership (scroll below for more details on this option).

Next use the search box to select the  one member or Collaborator that you want to schedule on behalf off. 

  • A "member" is anyone in the sameCalendarHero Team plan account. 
  • Collaborators are users who are NOT in the same CalendarHero Team plan, BUT have authorized to share their calendar availability.
  • To schedule on-behalf of a non CalendarHero user please use External On-Behalf


  • Video Conferencing links (both dynamic and static) can be added to On-Behalf meetings. If dynamic video conferencing is added to the associated meeting type, then when the meeting is assigned, CalendarHero will automatically add the dynamic video conferencing link associated with the assigned member/collaborator (if one has been added by that user). 
    • if request was added with a dynamic video conferencing provider
      • CalendarHero will check if the user that you are scheduling on-behalf (member or collaborator) has a video provider added to their default video meeting type. If so CalendarHero will use that video provider. If not CalendarHero will use their latest added video provider.
    • if request was added with a static video link, CalendarHero will just use that video link
  • Need to schedule different meetings on-behalf of multiple individuals? Simply make a meeting type with on-behalf enabled for each member.
  • Need to schedule a meeting that uses the collective availability of multiple members? We recommend using Collective Availability

Applying On-Behalf to a Meeting

Once enabled in any meeting type, it's easy to apply this setting to any new meeting:

  1. Select the meeting type you customized with the On-Behalf setting already enabled. Do this by either:
    1. Sharing the related Personal Scheduling link
      - OR-
    2. Selecting the meeting type when you create a new meeting via web or chat
  2. The On-Behalf settings will automatically be applied to that meeting. As a result any meeting invitees will only be able to select time based on the availability of the selected member/collaborators calendar. The meeting creator's availability won't be used. 
  3. Once a time is selected by the invitee and the meeting is booked, the meeting is automatically assigned to the selected member/collaborator. All invitees and the "assigned" team member will receive a confirmation notification (and calendar event) for the scheduled meeting. 
    1. If selected, ownership of the meeting will also be transferred to that member

Transfer Ownership

The Transfer Ownership option determines who has ownership over the meeting, once the meeting is scheduled. If the meeting creator needs to retain visibility / management of the meeting and/or needs the option to manage cancelling or  rescheduling of the meeting then we do NOT recommend transferring ownership.

OFF: If Transfer Ownership is NOT selected then meeting ownership is retained by the Meeting Creator. 

  • The meeting will appear in the Meeting Creators calendar for visibility (in addition to the member it was booked on-behalf of). However the meeting status will automatically be set as "Free" in the Meeting Creator's calendar so it does not block other meetings. 
  • The event will continue to exist in the meeting creators Task listAs a result the meeting creator will still be able to cancel or reschedule the meeting or use Find Times

ON: If Transfer ownership is selected then when the meeting is booked, the meeting ownership is automatically transferred to the pre-selected member and added only to their calendar.  

  • On Transfer: The original meeting creator will receive email confirmation of the meeting transfer. 
    • The scheduled meeting will NOT appear in the meeting creator's calendar (as they are not attending the meeting).
    • The event will be removed from the meeting creators Task list. As a result the original meeting creator will no longer be able to cancel, reschedule the meeting or use Find Times
    • For Greenhouse ATS users this activity will also be automatically logged in the Greenhouse activity feed. 
  • On Transfer: The new meeting owner (the On-Behalf  "assignee") will receive confirmation that the meeting has been scheduled with them.
    • The upcoming meeting will appear in the new meeting owner's calendar
    • The upcoming meeting will appear in the new meeting owner's calendar Upcoming Tasks list. Therefore the new meeting owner will have full rights for managing the meeting moving forward, including the ability to cancel or reschedule the meeting as needed. 

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