What emails / reminders are sent to my invitees?

CalendarHero is purposely built to add automation and intelligence to the meeting scheduling process - including the outreach to your invitees. Therefore CalendarHero can take care of all of the meeting email invites, notifications and reminders that you would typically need to send as part of a meeting request workflow.

  • Meeting Invite - When you schedule a meeting you can opt to have your meeting assistant automatically send the meeting invites to your invitees on behalf of you. Learn how to customize your meeting invite.
  • Reminder to Respond - To ensure a meeting invite request doesn't go unanswered, CalendarHero can automatically send email notifications to those invitees that have not yet responded. 
  • Meeting Confirmation - Once a meeting has been scheduled all meeting invitees will automatically be sent a meeting confirmation in addition to a calendar invite. 
  • Upcoming Meeting Reminder - Reduce no shows by automatically reminding your meeting attendees of their upcoming meeting. 
  • Meeting Reschedule - If your meeting is rescheduled by you via CalendarHero you can choose to have your assistant automatically send out a notification email to your invitees.

  • Meeting Cancellation - If you need to cancel a meeting, your invitees will automatically be notified and the event will be removed from their calendar. 

Invitee notifications / reminders are available in six (6) supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Swedish. Learn how to customize your language.

Meeting Invite

Once you finish a meeting scheduling request if you opted to have your meeting assistant send the meeting invite on your behalf your invitees will automatically receive an email with the meeting details. (If you prefer NOT to have the invite come from your assistant then you also have the choice to send your own Private Meeting Link.)

The meeting invite email includes a link "Respond to Meeting Request". When clicked it takes the user to the meeting acceptance interface (more info below). Learn how to customize your meeting invite.

Note: If you are sending the invite via a Private Meeting Link or Personal Scheduling link for 1:1 meetings then your invitees will NOT receive this email -  as you send the link rather than your assistant reaching out on your behalf.

Does the email appear to come from me? 

  • The email comes from your Meeting Assistant but your name as the meeting creator is referenced in both the from field and the title 
    • From: <assistant's name> on behalf of <meeting creator's name> 
    • Title: Invitation from <meeting creator's name>- <meeting title>
  • If an invitee replies back to the email, that email will go to your default email address to ensure that you don't miss any key correspondence.
  • You can customize your Meeting Assistant's name here: https://app.calendarhero.com/settings/user#Assistant

What happens if an invitee hasn't responded to the invite?

What happens if an invitee declines?

  • If an invitee needs to decline a meeting they can easily do so by clicking the "Decline" button on the meeting acceptance page. 
  • Invitees declining can now also include a reason why they declined - Learn More

Can I be Cc'd on the invite email?

  • Yes, we understand that visibility is important to some users. As a Meeting creator you can choose to be Cc'd on the invite email for full visibility. This is on by default, but can be turned off as needed.

Can I customize the email? 

Is there a quicker way to meet with internal invitees - since CalendarHero knows their availability?

Reminder to Respond

If the person you're inviting to a meeting forgets to select a time after the first invite email, your assistant will kindly (and automatically!) remind them up to four more times. Based on user feedback we follow a smart notification protocol to ensure invitees are reminded - without being sent too many notifications, which may overwhelm or annoy. 

Learn more about how CalendarHero automatically follows up

Meeting Confirmation 

Once a meeting has been scheduled all meeting attendees will be sent an automatic meeting confirmation. This confirmation will include all the meeting details. In addition all attendees will receive a calendar event with the meeting details.

Upcoming Meeting Reminder

Reduce meeting no shows by automatically reminding your meeting attendees of their upcoming meeting.

CalendarHero automatically sends reminders to your meeting attendees on the day of the meeting, before the meeting starts. 

Meeting Reschedule

If your meeting is rescheduled via CalendarHero your assistant will automatically send out a notification email to your invitees.

If you asked your invitees to select a new time then they will receive notification asking them to let them know what time works best for them. 

If you selected a new time to reschedule to then your invitees will receive a new confirmation email and all attendees calendars will automatically be updated with the new time. 

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