How to set up a Team Plan

Meetings happen faster with CalendarHero and the Team Plan enables your team to connect quickly, simplify remote collaboration, and keep business moving forward. 

If you are using CalendarHero with colleagues, then we highly recommend setting up a Team Plan to work together more effectively. The Team Plan includes access to everything on the Pro plan, plus additional Team focused features like Shared Availability, Meeting Room Booking, custom branding and team-wide settings and usage monitoring.

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Getting Started with a Team Plan

It's easy to get started with your CalendarHero Team plan with our self serve features. 

Creating a Team Plan for your Organization

If you are currently on a Basic, Trial or Pro plan you can easily upgrade to the Team plan from your individual account billing page ( 

  • The first CalendarHero user to create a Team plan for an organization's domain (e.g. "") will be asked to provide billing information. This user will also be automatically assigned as the initial Team Plan administrator. 
  • Team plan administrators manage billing, control who can join the team plan, and manage organization wide settings and integrations. Administrators can be added / updated and additional administrators can be added at anytime as needed.
  • Only one (1) Team plan per org domain can exist. Therefore if there is already a Team Plan registered with your organization domain (e.g. "") then you will not be able to create a new one. Instead we recommend having your current administrator add you to the existing team plan.

Automatically add Members

Need an easy hands-off way to onboard your coworkers to the Team Plan?

CalendarHero makes it easy to automatically add users with emails that match your org domain to your team plan with the "Automatically add users with the <matching> domain" setting (accessible to admins here - 

By default the "Allowed Users" setting is enabled for all new Team plans. This setting ensures whenever a user  with the same domain as your organization signs up to CalendarHero - they will be automatically added to your Team plan. To keep you up to date CalendarHero sends Team Admins an email each time a user is automatically added (or removed).

For example if your domain is "" then any user with an email address with that domain "" will be automatically added to your CalendarHero Team plan.  If you want to limit this to only specific users who have that domain them simply list them in the textbox provided. For example if you wanted to allow "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" to join, but not the rest of your "" colleagues then list those specific users in the text box. Please note that if you add an email of a user who does not match your organization domain then the user will NOT be added. For example if you add "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" these users will not be added to your org. For help adding additional users please contact support

Joining a Team Plan

  • If your organization already has a CalendarHero Team plan AND your plan administrator(s) did not disable the default "Automatically add users with the <matching> domain" setting then as soon as you sign up for CalendarHero you will automatically be added to your organization's existing Team plan as a member. 
  • If your organization already has a CalendarHeroTeam plan BUT your plan administrator(s) disabled the "Automatically add users with the <matching> domain" setting and you weren't added to the organization but want to be, not a problem! Simply contact support and we can help.
  • If you had a CalendarHero Basic, Trial or Pro plan BEFORE an administrator created a Team plan for your organization, then you wouldn't have been added automatically to the Team plan. Not to worry!  Simply contact support and we can help.

Administrator Access

Team plan administrators have access to manage billing, control who can join the team plan, view reports and manage organization wide settings and integrations. Multiple admins can share this responsibility but at there must be at least 1 admin at all times to manage a Team Plan organization.

Add / Manage Administrators

The "Administrators" management page ( makes it easy to view, add and remove admins.

  • View Admins: Any existing Team plan administrator can view a list of current Admins.
  • Add an Admin: Existing admins can give any team members admin access by adding their name or email address into the text box and clicking "+". Non members must first join the organization as a member before they can be granted admin access.
  • Remove an Admin: To remove a member as an Admin click "X". The user will still be a member but their admin access will be revoked. Remember that at least 1 member must be an admin to manage the organization.

Manage Members 

Team plan administrators can easily manage members of their organization from the Users overview page (

  • Delete: This will remove the member from your organization AND completely delete their user account. This cannot be undone, and all associated data (such as meeting type settings) will be so permanently deleted so we recommend proceeding with caution. 
  • Remove: This will remove the member from your organization AND downgrade the user's CalendarHero account to Basic. The user's account will not be deleted. 

Customizing your Team Settings

The Team plan settings ( make it easy to manage settings across your entire organization. These settings can be customized by any of your Team Plan administrators. 


The first settings tab allows you to control basic Org settings - such as name, logo and who can join automatically. Click Save to apply any changes. 

  • Organization Name: When you upgrade to your Team plan CalendarHero will automatically name your organization based on your email domain. You can rename your organization is needed from the Organization Name field. 
  • Organization Logo: Add branding for your entire organization by adding a URL for your logo. Learn more
  • Allowed Users: Automatically add users with your org domain to your team plan. If this is checked then whenever a user with that domain signs up to CalendarHero they will be automatically added to the Team plan.  It’s an easy hands-off way to onboard your coworkers!
    • Need to limit who from your organization can join your plan? You can control who gets added by unchecking this setting and/ or adding only specific emails that are allowed to join this organization. Simply enter 1 email per line into the provided text box. 
  • Delete Account: Clicking the "Delete Account" button will delete the Team Plan organization and downgrade all members and admins to the CalendarHero Basic plan. This cannot be undone so please proceed with caution.


The 2nd settings tab allows you to control your meeting assistant's name and title. 

  • Assistant's Name: Will it be Alfred or Jarvis or Donna? The choice is yours. This is the name all invitees will see in the automated invites / emails sent on your behalf. 
  • Assistants Job Title: Choose between "Assistant" or "Automated Assistant". This will be referenced in the automated emails sent on your behalf. (We recommend Automated Assistant so that your invitees don't mistake them for a human :)
  • User Changes: Allow your team plan members to update their assistant's settings (to personalize this at an individual level) or lock this setting so only admins have control (to enforce org wide consistency).
  • Learn More about Personalizing your Assistant

Manage Billing

All Team plan Administrators can view the team's billing history and manage billing from the Billing Admin page ( This includes:

  • History of all billing activity by month
  • Overview of members billed per monthly charge
  • Link to update credit card information (via Stripe)

Manage Integrations

All Team plan Administrators can enable and manage Team wide integrations from the Corporate Integrations page ( This makes it easy to add 3rd party providers for all members in your Team plan.

To view all Team wide integrations visit the Corporate Integrations Directory (

Restricting Integrations

By default Team plan members can add any integration available in their individual Integration Directory. If your organization would prefer to restrict access then the Team Admin can hide specific integrations.

To restrict access:

  1. Go to the Team Admin - Settings > Integrations tab (
  2. To disable a specific integrations select "Some" and then deselect the integration from the list. 
  3. "Click Save" to apply the changes.


  • Restricting an integration will hide that integration from appearing in the members integration directory only. Other Team Admins can still enable corporate-wide integrations
  • If an integration was already added (before it was restricted) then it will still appear in a member's Installed Integration list. However the member will no longer see it in the Integration Directory.
  • If there are no integrations available for team members, the category will show the message: "Integrations in this category have been disabled for your organization by your Team Plan Administrator".

View Team Reports

View Reports for your scheduling related activity from the Reports tab. Looking for additional information not provided? Please contact us.

Common Questions

Here's some common FAQ's that we get asked by customers interested in the Team plan:

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