How do Automatic Refunds work?

CalendarHero Collect Payment feature makes it easy for invitees to securely submit payments when self-scheduling a time to meet with you using your personal scheduling link or self-scheduling embed.

Automatic Refunds allow you to automatically initiate a refund when the meeting is cancelled by you, the meeting creator. To enable Automatic Refunds click the check box next to "Automatic Refunds" when enabling payment collection for your meeting type. 

All refunds are securely processed via your connected Stripe account. 

  • Refunds are ONLY automatically issued when the meeting creator cancels the meeting by clicking "Cancel" on the related Task card
  • Refunds are NOT automatically issued when the invitee declines. Once notified of the decline, the Meeting creator must click "Cancel" on the related Task card
  • When a refund is issued CalendarHero will let the meeting creator know via a notification on their preferred channel. 
  • Refund information will also appear on the Task card for the meeting.

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