How do I create a Meeting Directory?

Meeting Directories make it simple to customize and share a single destination for popular meeting types for easy self-scheduling. 
Simply create a Directory, add your favourite meeting types and share the public URL. Directories can also be embedded on your own webpage!

All CalendarHero user's have access to a default directory page. Professional and Team plan users can create unlimited custom directories. 

  • Customer Success & Support: Create a directory to help direct new customers to self schedule based on their needs; for example new user training, general support or technical assistance. 
  • Sales: Create a directory that offers different meeting durations. This allows your sales prospects to select the length of the meeting that works best for them. Not every new customer is up for a 1 hour demo and may prefer to start with a 15 min discovery call!
  • HR: Create a directory page for new employee onboarding. Allow new employees to easily schedule time with the right individual based on their needs. For example - general HR needs can be directed to your HR specialist Sarah and technical helpdesk questions can be assigned to anyone available on your helpdesk team (via Round Robin).
  • Group Classes: Create a directory page for your various group classes, for example list Yoga, Pilates and Strength training classes all on one landing page so your clients can easily sign-up for their preferred class. 

Managing your Directories

To manage your Meeting Directories go to: Settings > Meeting Directories. All of your Meeting Directories will be listed to offer an easy overview. From this page you can also quickly:

  • Add a New Directory: Click the "+ New Directory" button to add a new directory. Only Professional and Team plan users can create custom directories. Scroll below to learn more about creating a new directory. 
  • Edit: Click "Edit" next to each type to customize the settings for your directories. 

From the "..." menu you can perform these actions:

  • Copy Link: Click the link to open your Directory landing page. This is the public link you will share so others can access your directory. This is where you can preview how your directory page looks to others!
  • Delete: Delete your custom directory. Note: This cannot be undone. The default directory can not be deleted. 

Add a New Meeting Directory

To add a new custom directory go to Settings > Meeting Directories and click the "+ New Directory" button. 

  • Directory Name: To save your new meeting directory you will first need to give your meeting type a Name. This name will be used as an internal label. 
  • Once you have entered a name for your directory you will be able to customize all of the settings for your new directory. See the next section for an overview of all settings.

Plan Limitations: Basic Plan users cannot create new custom directories. 

  • To create a custom directory please upgrade to a Professional or Team plan
  • Users who are downgraded to Basic (either automatically or manually) will loose access to custom directories. 
    • Basic users can view and edit these previously created directories, but will not be able to use / share them until they upgrade. 
    • Directories on the Basic plan are limited to one (1). 

Customizing a Directory

Each Meeting Directory can be easily customized using the settings below:

  • Directory Name: To save your new meeting directory you will first need to give your meeting type a Name. This name will be used as an internal label. 
  • Public Title: The public title will appear on your Directory page as the header of the landing page. If no Public Title is added, then your full name will be used instead. We recommend customizing the public title.
  • Directory Link: Your Directory Link is the public URL that you can share with anyone to access your meeting directory. Each directory you create has its own link. To customize the shortlink of the URL, enter a unique name at the end of the link. If you don't enter a custom short link name one will be auto-generated for you when you first create and save your directory. 
  • Meeting Types Included: Select all of the meeting types that you want to appear on your directory page. You can add both meetings and group classes. These meeting types will appear in the order in which you add them. At least one meeting type is required, but more than one is recommended. 
  • Directory Instructions: Use this optional field to provide a short description on your directory page for your meeting invitees. You can remove the default text if you prefer to have no instructions at all.

Tip! If you want to brand your Meeting Directory then add a logo or profile icon to your invitee experience and it will also appear on your Meeting Directory pages!

Embedding a Directory

Each Meeting Directory can be easily embedded on your own webpage by simply copying and pasting your unique embed code.This embed code is found under the Meeting Directory "Add to my Website" menu.

This embed design is recommended if you want to embed  more then one (1) meeting type on your website page, AND have it appear on a single page within the page's content.

Learn more about CalendarHero embed options

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