What happens when a meeting is declined?

Sometimes an invitee needs to decline a meeting request. CalendarHero will always keep the Meeting Creator in the loop on the latest status. Here's what to expect:

Declining a Meeting 

An invitee can easily decline a meeting by clicking the "Decline" button on the bottom of the meeting acceptance page. Once clicked invitees will also be prompted to include an (optional) reason why they declined. 

Decline Notifications

The Meeting Creator is automatically notified when any invitee declines. If the invitee included a reason for declining that note will also be included - ensuring you're always in the loop!

A decline notification will be sent to the meeting creators preferred notification method (for example Slack). In addition (given the importance of knowing when an invitee declines) CalendarHero also automatically sends an email update.

If the decline impacts the ability for a meeting to go forward, for example if the only invitee in a 1:1 meeting declines the request then CalendarHero will also send an additional notification suggesting action be taken. 

At anytime a Meeting Creator can also review the current status of a meeting request from Tasks. Simply click "declined the request" next to the invitees name and the reason will be revealed. 

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