How to use Find Times (to accelerate a meeting request)

Active meeting requests are those requests that have not yet been scheduled and are awaiting a reply from your invitees. Meeting creators can now easily accelerate their scheduling during an active meeting request by using the "Find Times" feature.

Find Times instantly and intelligently suggests the best times for your meeting to be scheduled based on all existing available information, even if all your invitees haven't yet suggested times.

Why use Find Times?

CalendarHero always includes an intelligent algorithm that automatically finds the best time (based on the requirements you set) for all invitees even in complex group meetings. This intelligence ensures that your meeting is booked as quickly as possible while you get to avoid having to send a “when are you free?” chain of emails. 

However there are times when you may want even more control over the request process, or if time is particularly sensitive you may want to accelerate the scheduling. The need for more manual control might also be required if you are scheduling a group meeting and have an external invitee who hasn't responded in a timely manner (despite the automated reminders), which slows down the scheduling process. For these use cases we recommend using Find Times!

How 'Find Times' Works

After sending a meeting request to invitees your "active" meeting request can be managed from your Active Tasks. To use Find Times simply click the "..." menu of the associated active meeting request and select "Find Times".

This will open an window that displays suggested times to schedule the meeting. These suggested time will be based on all of the most recent information; for example the real-time availability of internal invitees, and any suggestions provided by your external invitees. To help you make a decision you can mouseover the invitee initials to see who is available / suggested time when. 

Up to 10 suggested time slots will appear. To schedule the meeting during a suggested time slot, simply select it and click "Book Now". The meeting will be instantly booked and all invitees will be automatically notified. Your active task will then be moved to "Upcoming". 

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