What can CalendarHero do?

is your intelligent meeting scheduling solution. CalendarHero can help you off-load low value task and automate your scheduling workflow, so you can get back to more important things. 

Below is a handy overview of what CalendarHero can help you do - click on each section to learn more. If you are new to CalendarHero, we also recommended checking out:


Schedule Meetings

CalendarHero is built for meeting scheduling! Schedule, postpose, cancel all your meetings effortlessly with your own AI automated assistant. CalendarHero allows for multiple ways for you to intelligently schedule all your meetings!

Query your Calendar

CalendarHero helps you plan your work day and stay on top of your schedule. Ask your assistant what meetings you have today, or when you are free next week.

Meeting and Morning Briefings

Receive helpful information sent to you when you need it. Your assistant can send a briefing every morning, and/or before your upcoming meeting. If you integrate your ATS or CRM you will also receive related candidate / deal information in your meeting briefings!

People Insights

Who is

Get insights about people you're about to meet with. Simply say "Who is <name>".

Warm Introductions 

Find the right person for an introduction to someone you want to meet.


Reminders / Recurring Reminders

Remind yourself to do certain tasks at specific times. Tell your assistant anything that is important that you don't want to forget. It will add this as a reminder to your calendar, and it will also message you at the requested date and time on your preferred messenger. 


ATS Notifications

CalendarHero's ATS (applicant tracking system) integration empowers recruiters and hiring managers by making ATS information easily accessible during the candidate interview process, even for those on the go. Users can quickly book meetings with contacts synchronized from their ATS, and easily access key candidate info directly from their favourite chat application or email platform.

CRM Automation

CRM Automation (BETA) empowers sales teams by making CRM information accessible and conversational; allowing sales reps to easily view, create and modify key CRM information directly from their favourite chat application or email platform.

Unified Search

Quickly find any document before your next meeting with one search, whether it’s in Google Drive, Dropbox, or elsewhere. By using CalendarHero’s unified search skill, you can easily sift through all the information across your connected data accounts. 

Knowledge Base

With CalendarHero’s expanded enterprise knowledge base, admins can automate and easily configure responses to frequently asked questions that may require multiple questions asked of the user. These typically provide reduced inbound questions of major departments within your organization (consider employees in the HR and IT departments who often take repetitive calls or inbound questions).

Document Generation

CalendarHero allows users to efficiently create and update document templates in seconds, within chat and while on the go.


Integrations allow clients to easily build expansions and expand their daily capabilities. If you’re an organization that relies on a host of applications to perform your day-to-day tasks and are experiencing an overwhelming amount of task-switching, this is the right feature for you. 

CalendarHero supports over 60+ integrations out of the box, plus users can customize limitless workflows using Zapier and Microsoft Flow!

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