How do I ask my Invitee Questions?

Invitee Questions make it easy to quickly collect information from invitees during scheduling. It's a great way to ask your clients or candidates for information when they schedule time with you!

Questions will be asked after an invitee selects / suggests a time, and answers are immediately sent to you using your preferred notification method (email or chat). The information is also added to the booked calendar event so it's easy to access before or during the meeting. 

With a variety of answer types you can easily customize different questions for each meeting type; for example ask your prospect one set of questions before your sales demos, and then ask new clients different questions prior to a training session - so that you're always prepared for each meeting!

Adding Invitee Questions

Questions can easily be added to any new or existing Meeting Type. Each Meeting Type has a section called "Invitee Questions". Open this section and under Invitee Questions click " + Add a Question". 

Up to 25 Invitee Questions can be added per meeting type for Pro and Team users. Basic plan users are limited to displaying 1 question at a time.

  • Enter new Question - Type in your question in the question box. 
  • Answer Type - Select the answer type that works best for your question type.
    • Long Text -  An open multi-line text box that works well for questions requiring short or long open-ended answers.
    • Short Text - An open short text box that works well for short answers. e.g. What's the name of your company? OR What is your phone number?
    • Dropdown -  Create a drop down menu of answers. This option works well for questions where the invitee is asked to select one  predefined answer.
    • Multiple Choice - Allow multiple answers to a single question. This option works well for questions where the invitee is allowed to select multiple predefined answers.
    • Consent Form - Gate your bookings with a consent form and easily set clear terms and conditions with customers before scheduling. The flexible rich text editor allows you to customize the text and add external hyperlinks. 
    • Phone Number - Create a dedicated phone number field to easily collect a phone number. You can customize the label as needed to collect different types of numbers (for example create a separate 'Home Phone' and 'Cell Phone' question). 
      • When the guest types in their phone number we will auto detect the country code based on area code. The guest can also manually customize this if needed.
  • Required - Select "Required" to force invitees to answer the question before selecting a time. 
  • Display Order - The display order of questions can be updated by using the up / down arrows provided.
  • Delete a Question - Click "x" to delete a question.

Collecting Invitee Answers

Once questions are added to your meeting type, then any meeting associated with that meeting type will  automatically prompt all your invitees with the questions. This includes both self-booked meetings (using your personal scheduling link), and private meetings where the invite is sent from your assistant (or via a private invite link). 

If your invitees invites other guests (using the "add guests" feature) then those new invitees will also automatically be asked the questions. 

The questions will appear for your invitees prior to them selecting / suggesting a time. Once a user submits the answers, they are immediately saved and sent to the meeting creator using their preferred notification method (email or chat). The notification includes the name of invitee and all questions and answers. Since all questions are optional, if an invitee leaves an answer blank you will see "No Answer Submitted".

In addition for visibility and easy access, the answer information will also be included in:

  • Native Calendar details (e.g. Google or Microsoft)
  • Upcoming Meeting Notifications

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