Using Add-Ons (including Zapier)

Zapier ( is a powerful tool used to connect all your apps, improving and automating your workflow. We’ve connected the power of Zapier to CalendarHero (formerly so you can create up to 5,000+ different flows all within your favourite chat platform. In just a few steps, you can connect to over 2,000+ apps and easy automate all of your meeting scheduling needs using on Zapier.

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Connect to 2,000+ Apps

Add the CalendarHero to the Zapier app here:


Actions that you can do with the Zapier app include...

  • create a meeting request
  • create a contact
  • find contacts
  • get contact insights
  • get your meetings types

You can also be notified when an event happens in CalendarHero and then take action on another software:

  • meeting request was successful and a meeting was scheduled
  • meeting request expired without a meeting being scheduled
  • you created a new meeting request
  • a new contact was added from your scheduling link

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