How to use the CalendarHero Gmail Add-on

CalendarHero works where you work, and offers several ways to schedule meetings (full list here). For those of you who spend a lot of time in email the CalendarHero Gmail Add-On is a great way to quickly share your availability so you can meet more quickly without the back and forth. 

The Gmail Add-on provides quick shortcuts to the most used features and allows you to:


  • Share Scheduling Links - insert any of your personal scheduling links into a new or replied email
  • Add Times to Email - insert a preview of available meeting times into a new or replied email
  • Create a meeting request - Quickly initiate a new meeting based on the sender of the highlighted email
  • Access people insights - Quickly learn more about your contact before a meeting (based on the sender of the highlighted email)

Gmail Add-On: Installation Instructions

NOTE: The Gmail Add on requires a CaledarHero account. You can create one at

  1. Open the CalendarHero Meeting Assistant from the G Suite Marketplace
  2. Click Install and approve access. Once complete you should see a "successfully installed" verification. 
  3. Go to your Gmail inbox. On the right-hand side, you will see a sidebar with Gmail add-ons, which will now include the CalendarHero add-on. 
  4. That's it! You're ready to use the Gmail Add-on.

Using the Gmail Add-On

Insert a Scheduling Link / Add Times to Email

When replying to an email or composing a new email, the Gmail Add-on makes it easy to share your availability, so others can schedule time with you. You can choose to share with a simple link, or embed available times directly in the email.

To get started simply click on the CalendarHero icon (at the bottom of the draft email) and select the appropriate meeting type.

  • Click "INSERT SCHEDULING LINK" to insert your personal scheduling link into a new or replied email
  • Click "SHARE AVAILABLE TIMES" to insert a preview of available meeting times into a new or replied email

How does Share Available Times work?
  • Times inserted are available at the time that they are added. If they are no longer available when your contact selects one then they will be informed and prompted to select a different time.
  • CalendarHero believes you shouldn't have to think about when you're free! That's why we use intelligence to select a range of times based on your availability and custom meeting type settings. Up to 9 available times are automatically added to the email. 
  • A contact can always click "View More Times" to select alternative times from your associated scheduling page (just like they would if they clicked on your scheduling link)

Using the Gmail Add-On

Start a Meeting Request / View People Insights

The CalendarHero Gmail Add-On includes shortcuts to initiate a new meeting request with an email contact or to learn more about a contact. 

To access these shortcuts simply click on the CalendarHero icon on the right-hand side while you are reading an email.  This will open up a sidebar with the CalendarHero add-on. 

  • To request a meeting with the sender of the email, simply select the meeting type from the dropdown menu and then click on "SCHEDULE MEETING WITH ...".  You will then be taken to the CalendarHero web-based scheduler ( to configure any additional meeting request options.
  • To get insights on the sender of the email, simply click on "INSIGHTS ON ...".  You will then be taken to the CalendarHero web application that will show you any discoverable contact insights that were found.

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