How do Private Invite Links work?

To allow for greater flexibility when inviting guests to a meeting, CalendarHero users are now able to generate a private invite link for all their meetings! This is a great option for users who want to automate their group meetings, while still retaining control over the invite messaging - for more of a personal touch.  

When using the web scheduler every meeting creator will now have the choice of either:

  1. Send Invite: The meeting assistant sends the invite on your behalf (learn more)

  2. Get Invite Link: Copy a private invite link to send directly to your invitees at their convenience; for example via email or SMS.

Psst! If you want a public scheduling link that an be reused by different invitees for different meetings then please use your CalendarHero Personal Scheduling Links 

How do Private Invite Links work?

Simply select "Get Invite Link" and CalendarHero will generate a unique private invite link specific to that meeting.

  • You can share this single link with all the invitees you invited to that meeting  
  • Private Invite Links are unique and can only be used by those invitees you added to that specific meeting
  • Private Invite Links can only be used for the associated meeting

When the Private Invite Link is clicked it takes the invitee to a page that will ask them for their email address.  

Once the invitee enters their email and clicks "Select a Time" they will be taken to the Meeting Acceptance page where they can select times (just like all CalendarHero meetings). Learn more about what invitees see when they select a time

Private Invite Link - FAQ's 

What's the difference between a Private Invite Link and a Personal Scheduling Link?

Private Invite Links are links generated for a specific meeting pre-planned by the meeting creator. Private Invite Links can ONLY be used by the pre-named invitees, and each private link is only good for the associated meeting. After the meeting is over, the link is no longer valid.

Personal scheduling links are intended to allow any invitee to self-book time with you. A single personal scheduling link can be used unlimited times by different invitees for different meetings. They are great for adding to a email signature, so any prospect can self-book time with you. Learn More

Can I reuse my Private Invite Link after the meeting is over? 
Nope. Private Meeting links are for one-time usage. See the FAQ above. If you want a reusable link then use a Personal Scheduling Link instead!

I forgot to copy the Private Invite Link when it was generated, where can I find it?
No problem, if you selected "Get Invite Link" you can also copy the link from your Tasks Card.

I sent my Private Invite Link but would like my assistant to remind my Invitees to respond
No problem, you can manually click "Remind" on the Task card and send a reminder email to your invitees. 

If I select Private Invite Links will my assistant ever contact the invitee?
Your assistant won't send the invite on your behalf, but it will automatically send notification  once the meeting has been scheduled. This ensures that the scheduled meeting is automatically added to the invitee's calendar, and that they are automatically kept in the loop in regards to any key details (and subsequent updates). Learn more about how CalendarHero automatically follows up.

Can I send the Private Invite Link to others I didn't invite? 
Unlike Personal Scheduling Links which are public and can be reused by different invitees for different meetings, Private Invite Links are unique and can only be used by those invitees you added to a specific meeting created via the web scheduler. Therefore with Private Links, if an invitee who was NOT invited to the meeting, they will not be able to select times. 

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