Can I mark an invitee as VIP or Required?

CalendarHero users are now able to mark an invitee as VIP to denote their importance in attending a group meeting. Marking an invitee as "VIP" in a group meeting will ensure the meeting doesn't happen without them attending. For example - a pivotal client or internal stakeholder who must be in attendance for a meeting to go forward. VIPs must be available to meet for the associated meeting to be scheduled.  

If you are looking to pool availability and only show invitees times when ALL specified team members are available then we recommend using the Collective Availability setting instead of VIP. 

VIP Guidelines:

  • Only 1 VIP can be selected per meeting. 
  • Marking a VIP in a 1:1 meeting will have no impact, so the VIP feature is only available for group meetings (>1 invitee). 
  • The invitee marked as VIP must select a time (or be available to meet if CalendarHero already knows their availability) for the meeting to go forward. While CalendarHero already weights external invitees higher then internal colleagues as part of the group algorithm, marking an invitee as "VIP" will give them even greater weight.
  • If a VIP invitee declines the meeting then the meeting can NOT go forward. 
    • To avoid this we recommend that you do not severely limit the meeting time frame - to give your VIP more opportunity to find a time that works for them based on your availability. 
    • If a VIP declines the meeting, then the meeting creator will be notified so that they can decide next steps (e.g. they may choose to cancel or reschedule). 
  • Please note that marking someone as VIP does not make the rest of the invitees optional, but it does impact the CalendarHero
     group algorithm to ensure that individual suggests a time they are available. It is totally unnecessary to have multiple VIPs as the CalendarHero group algorithm already uses intelligence to help ensure the meeting time selected works best for all invitees. 

Marking an invitee as VIP

To mark a user as a VIP simply go to the CalendarHero web scheduler and click on the empty VIP star icon. When it turns orange this marks this invitee as a VIP.
The VIP feature is only activated when you add more then 1 invitee to your meeting (making it a group meeting). This is because VIP is not useful for 1:1 meetings (which already can't go forward without the single invitee selecting a time / being available).

Only 1 VIP can be selected per meeting.  

  • Currently users can only mark invitees as VIP using the web app scheduler. This feature is not currently available in our chat platforms.
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