How do I manage meetings in different timezones?

CalendarHero is there to make life easier for you when scheduling meetings. This includes helping you manage across different timezones. 

Setting your Timezone

CalendarHero automatically learns your timezone based on your calendar settings when you create an account. This is the timezone that will be used to publish the meeting to your calendar.

To view or update your timezone at anytime go to your General Meeting Settings.

Manually customize your timezone by unchecking the "learned" box and selecting your preferred timezone from the drop-down menu. Please note that GMT means Global Time - EST is GMT-5, for example. CalendarHero automatically adjusts for daylight savings. 

Working with Invitees Timezones

Your invitees won't always be in the same timezone as you, but that's never a problem with CalendarHero. CalendarHero auto-detects your invitee's time zone when they land on your scheduling page, and adjusts the display of your availability accordingly. An invitee can also manually adjust their timezone display on the scheduling page by simply using the timezone drop-down menu in the top right corner.

Once a meeting is scheduled, CalendarHero also uses the invitees preferred timezone in the meeting confirmation and upcoming meeting reminders, so your invitees are always clear on what time to meet!

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