How to Run a Proof-of-Concept/Pilot on CalendarHero for 1-20 users

  1. If you do not have a personal CalendarHero account, go to and create an account.  Make sure to register with your work email.
  2. Go to Billing and click on Upgrade for the Team Plan.  If you are on a Professional Plan, downgrade first.
  3. Enter in a credit card that will be charged monthly for the users on your Team Plan.  You will have 7 days before billing commences.
  4. Go to Admin Settings, configure the system as you like, and in “Allowed Users” enter the email addresses of the users that you want to limit your PoC to.
  5. Email those PoC users that they should go to and register with any platform they prefer.  Once they register with their work emails, their CalendarHero accounts will be linked to your Team Plan.
  6. If you are using room booking, you will need to grant CalendarHero permissions to read in the room information before your users can book rooms.  Go to Team Integrations and add a room provider. Additionally, for Microsoft Office365, you will need to go to and enter in room capacities.
  7. You may want to limit the number of skills/commands that your PoC users have access to.  Go to and click on ‘Disable’ for any skill that you do not want in your PoC.
  8. Add any additional Team accounts that you want all of your users to access (eg. Greenhouse, Zendesk);
  9. To add additional administrators to your CalendarHero Team Plan, go to and enter in their name.  They will need to already have a CalendarHero account and be a member of your Team Plan account.
  10. Monitor your team’s usage at
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