How do I set Lead Time (minimum notice)

Our new Lead Time setting ensures that you are never caught off guard with a last-minute meeting! Lead time is the minimum amount of time before a meeting can be scheduled.

CalenderHero makes it incredibly easy to schedule all of your meetings based on your availability. However, without lead time there is a risk a meeting invitee could select a time / or reschedule to a time without enough warning (for example 30min from now). 

While it's great to give your invitees control over when they want to meet, scheduling last minute might mean you (as the meeting creator) won't have enough time to prepare for that meeting (or get to the right location!).

Now CalenderHero users can set a custom lead time for each meeting type and prevent last-minute meetings. Your invitees will only be offered a time frame that is outside of this time.

Setting Lead Time

The default lead time is 4 hours, but you can easily customize your lead time setting for each meeting type from your Meeting Types - Availability settings.

TIP! We recommend always setting ample lead time if you are using the new personal scheduling link - to avoid being caught off guard with a last-minute meeting. 

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