How Do You Install the Microsoft Outlook Plugin? (individual users)

Individual users can install the CalendarHero (formerly Outlook Plugin by adding it to their custom Outlook Add-ins. Please see the step by step below:

CalendarHero Manifest URL: (you need to copy and paste it later during set up)

  • Open Outlook on desktop (windows or mac)
  • Navigate to the “Add-Ins” menu.
    • In the older version of Outlook web: Add-in management is available under “Settings” > “Manage Add-Ins” >  “Custom Add-ins” > “My Add-ins” > “+ Add a Custom Add-in”
    • In the new version of Outlook web: Add-in management is available under “...” (“more actions’ menu which is visible from a selected email) > “Get Add-ins” > “Custom Add-ins” > “My Add-ins” > “+ Add a Custom Add-in”
    • In the Windows Outlook App: Add-in management is available under “File” > “Manage Add-ins” → This opens the Office 365 Manage add-ins (in a browser)> Add from a URL
  • Click “+ Add a Custom Add-in” and enter the manifest URL referenced above

Older Web version of Outlook

New Web version of Outlook

Windows Outlook - Web App

Accessing the Plugin

Once the plugin is installed, you can easily access it from their Outlook Inbox by clicking the CalendarHero plugin button. Click again to close.

  • OnClick the plugin will open at right (desktop) or full (mobile)
  • The plugin button is also available from the Reply screen (below the reply box)
  • On Mobile (App) the plugin is available under the “…” menu

Pinning the Plugin

Once the plugin is open, you have the option to pin the plugin - so that it stays open even as you navigate from one email to another.


The first time the plugin is opened, you will see an “Authenticate” button that allows you to authenticate and log in. You can click “Authenticate” to log in with your MS account.

  1. Click on “Authenticate”;
  2. Allow Email Access;
  3. Display New window: Next the message “(CalendarHero) Assistant wants to display a new window” appears.
    1. OnClick: Allow opens MS Account login - see 4
  4. MS Account Login: The MS Account login pop-up opens in a new tab/window.
  5. All done: That’s it! You're now authenticated and can use the CalendarHero Plugin.

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