Internal Meetings vs. External Meetings

Meetings are time consuming because of all the different type of people you need to meet with! Most likely some of your meetings include internal colleagues, while others include external clients or contacts. Learn more about how CalendarHero can help book any meeting for you!

External Meetings

External meetings
are all meetings with users who are not part of the same organization as the meeting creator. If you are a Team Plan user then these external meetings may or may not also include internal colleagues who are also in your CalendarHero Team plan account. For example - if you are an in-house recruiter booking a meeting with a candidate (external) and the hiring manager (internal), or a sales rep booking a meeting with your client (external) and your sales engineer (internal). 

CalendarHero  does NOT have access to external invitees calendar availability during meeting creation and therefore is not able to suggest overlapping availability for external invitees during meeting creation. Therefore CalendarHero takes care of sending an invite to these invitees, invitees select a time that works for them, and then your A.I. assistant books the meeting based on the best time available (this is supported by CalendarHero's intelligent group algorithm!) CalendarHero does allow external users to upload their calendar (for a single private session) to make it easier for them to select a time that works for them.  Learn what your invitees see when you invite them to a meeting

In addition the new Collaborators role makes it easy to invite external contacts to securely share their calendar availability with you! By adding a Collaborator, you'll be able to automatically and securely schedule meetings on their behalf using their real-time availability. Best of all Collaborators can use CalendarHero for free! Learn more

Internal Meetings

Internal meetings
happen when everyone (meeting creator + invitees) are CalendarHero users. When that occurs - and because your assistant already knows when they're available - the meeting owner is able to select a mutual time that works for everyone. In this scenario the meeting can be booked right away. Invitees would be sent a meeting notification from CalendarHero(via email or their preferred notification method as set in CalendarHero) and a calendar invite. The meeting would be automatically added to all invitees calendars.

Alternatively a meeting creator can choose to let their internal colleagues decide by selecting "Let them decide" which will trigger the meeting invite flow - as seen here. In this scenario CalendarHero takes care of sending an invite to these invitees, invitees select a time that works for them, and then your assistant books the meeting based on the best time available (this is supported by CalendarHero's intelligent group algorithm!)

CalendarHero's new Shared Availability settings makes it easy for users to customize their availability settings for even greater flexibility and control when working with colleagues! For example - easily substitute another member or collaborators availability instead of yours. Or distribute meetings between specific members or collaborators based on their availability. Learn more about sharing availability with internal colleagues

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