Smart Meetings - Command Overview

Using CalendarHero with your favourite chat platform? CalendarHero is built to understand a large number of requests and you can use plain English to communicate with the assistant. To get you started, try these commands below.  

We also recommend this handy Quick Start Guide (Blog) or jump right to How do I Schedule Meetings?

What else can your assistant do? Check out this overview

Smart Meetings “Meet with John” or
“Call with Sandra next week for project fantastic” or

“Lunch with Hassan on Thursday”

  • Meeting types to try: Meeting, Coffee, Webex, Skype, Dinner, Breakfast, Drinks, Call
  • CalendarHero will email your invitee to select a time based on your availability
  • Update meeting type preferences by saying “settings”
  • How to add Meeting Details or Modify a Meeting

💡Tip!  Add a date range, topic or length of meeting

Manage Calendar "Block 8 to 9 am every day this week" or

“Postpone meeting with Frank”

  • Ask CalendarHero to manage your calendar events. Try some of your own questions.
Meeting Briefings "What are my meetings today?"
  • Daily briefings on your workday, and prior to meetings to provide you more information on whom you are meeting.
Contact Insights “Who is x”
  • Provides you information on who you are meeting based on all available data. Use their name or email.
Reminders “Remind me to follow up with Elon next week at 5pm”
  • Set reminders through chat which are added in the calendar.
Warm Introductions “Introduce me to John Smith”
  • Get introduced to someone you want to meet by providing their first and last name. CalendarHero will go through your organization’s shared contacts to find a mutual connection that can introduce you.
Need Help? Say “help” or “meeting training”


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