How to Get Started with CalendarHero

So you've just signed up for CalendarHero...

We recommend checking out this handy Quick Start Guide for new users.

Here's some additional tips:

  1. CalendarHero works where you work!
    We recommend getting started using the CalendarHero web application here. You can also set up yan automated meeting assistant in your preferred chat or email platform.
  2. CalendarHero includes powerful meeting customization settings to make automation easy. 
    For speedy scheduling review and customize your meeting preferences and types
  3. CalendarHero is all about intelligent meeting scheduling!
    Learn how to schedule your first meeting here: How to schedule a Meeting and then get started online here!
  4. CalendarHero makes it easy to manage and track your scheduling progress
    Learn how to view and manage your upcoming and active meetings from your Tasks page
  5. CalendarHero integrates with over 70+ apps - add an integration.
    This includes easy integration into your favourite ATS, CRM, calendar provider, video conferencing and more! View the Integrations Directory to get started
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