How to customize General Meeting Settings

You can customize your general meeting settings by going to:

If you are using chat - you can always ask your assistant (in-chat) for a shortcut by saying "Settings"

Here's a handy overview of each setting:

  • Default Calendar: Your default calendar is the calendar CalendarHero uses to schedule your meetings - and therefore requires read and write access. CalendarHero requires 1 default calendar but also allows you to easily add multiple calendars to check your availability. For users with multiple calendars, you can select your default from the General Settings page or from the Integrations Directory. Learn more about managing your calendars here.
  • Time Zone: Your assistant will learn your time zone, but you can manually change this here. Learn more about managing meetings in different timezones here.
  • Working Days: Select your working days so CalendarHero knows when to send morning meeting briefings, and in-chat re-occuring reminders. Working days will also set your default availability (This also can be overridden by each meeting type for even more control).
  • Hourly Offsets: These offset increments determine how often your time slots appear on the Meeting Acceptance page (which is where your invitees select a time to meet with you). For example, if you set up a 1 hour meeting and your offsets are set to only include :00 and :30 your time increments will show on the hour, and 30min passed the hour, but won't show start times at 15min or 45min past the hour.  Hourly Offsets can be overridden at the meeting type level using "Start Time".  Learn More
  • Daily Down-Time: Allows you to block a percentage of your available time - so people can't schedule meetings with you. Please note that the higher your daily down-time, the more restrictive your availability will be.
  • Email CC: Ask your assistant to CC you on meeting invites for more visibility into what your invitees see. Learn More
  • Travel Buffer Time: Enable Travel Time Buffer to allow your assistant to automatically factor in travel time for external meetings. Learn More
  • Daily Briefing: Every morning your assistant can send you a morning briefing of your upcoming day. To personalize select a time when you want to be briefed every day.  Learn More
  • Meeting Briefing: Meeting Briefings keep you up to date on upcoming meetings; and even include info from your connected CRM or ATS. Learn More
  • Overlapped Meetings:  When turned on, your assistant will notify you when you have a conflicting meeting in that time slot.

NOTE: CalendarHero also includes a number of pre-configured meeting types out of the box; such as  coffeecall, or lunch. Your assistant can learn your habits over time, or you can pre-configure your meeting settings if you know your needs: Learn More about Meeting Types

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