How to Personalize my Assistant

Your CalendarHero Meeting Assistant takes care of your scheduling tasks  - so that you can get back to more important work! When a meeting is created, your assistant sends out an invite email to meeting invitees. Make your assistant work for you by customizing your Assistant related preferences here:
If you are an admin for a Team Plan Account you can customize the name for your team, AND choose whether to let your users update it from your Admin Settings ( by unchecking "Allow employees to change assistant's settings: 

Here are some of the things you can personalize:

Your Assistant's Name: Will it be Alfred or Jarvis or Donna? The choice is yours. This is the name your invitees will see in the automated invites / emails sent on your behalf. If you are in a Corporate account your Admin may already have customized this for you!

Job title: Choose between "Assistant" or "Automated Assistant". This will be referenced in the automated emails sent on your behalf. (We recommend Automated Assistant so that your invitees don't mistake them for a human :)

Custom Email Footer: You can customize the email footer of the automated emails sent on your behalf. Additional email customization is available to corporate users - learn more.

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