How do I integrate my CRM?

Connect CalendarHero's intelligent, powerful meeting scheduling to your favourite CRM! Sync CRM contacts to schedule meetings with leads in seconds, view and update deal information, and automatically log meeting details. CalendarHero supports integrations with a number of CRM providers. 

CRM Features

(A) Intelligent Contact Sync

CalendarHero supports intelligent contact synchronization and merging from your CRM into CalendarHero.  This allows you to more quickly schedule a meeting with a contact - without needing to remember, find or copy and paste their email.

(B) Automatically Log Meeting Details

Meetings scheduled in CalendarHero are automatically logged back into the associated Deal/Opportunity, Contact and/or company in your CRM. This ensures your CRM source of truth is automatically updated without tedious admin work.

(C) CRM Meeting Briefings

Get CRM contact information in your pre-meeting briefing, including links directly into a contact and their associated deal/opportunity in your CRM 

If you integrate your CRM then a link directly to the deal record in the CRM is included in CalendarHero’s meeting briefings - making it easy for sales reps and account managers to access relevant information before they meet their prospect or client. A user simply clicks the link and is taken to the associated record in the integrated CRM. 

(D) CRM Search

Easily search for CRM information from the CalendarHero meeting assistant in chat or web-app via Unified Search

(E) Query and modify CRM information (BETA)

Query and modify CRM information inside a supported chat application with the CalendarHero chatbot. This option is currently available in BETA for users on the Professional or Team Plan only. CRM query is turned off by default for all accounts but can be manually enabled.

This empowers sales teams by making CRM information accessible and conversational:

  • View deals/opportunities and their details (“Find deals”, “Show deals”, “find united oil deals”)
  • Alter existing deals/opportunities (“Modify a deal”, “Change an opportunity”)
  • Create new deals/opportunities (“Create a new deal”, “Create an opp”, “Add a deal”, “Add a Microsoft deal”)
  • Log activity for deals (“Log discovery call for <contact name>”)
  • Be reminded to log activity after a meeting
  • Have easy access to related CRM information in your meeting briefing (Deal, Company, Contact)
  • Learn more about this Beta feature

Supported CRM vendors

(A) (B) (C) (D) (E)
Salesforce yes yes yes yes yes
Hubspot yes yes yes yes yes
Freshsales yes yes yes yes -
Copper yes yes yes - -
Pipedrive yes yes yes yes - yes - yes yes - yes - - - - yes - - - -
Salesflare yes yes yes yes -
Mailchimp yes yes yes  yes -
ActiveCampaign yes yes yes yes -
SalesLoft yes yes yes - -

Adding a CRM Integration

To get started simply add your preferred CRM Provider from the Integration Directory. Please refer to the chart above for the CRM features supported in CalendarHero.

For Team Plan Accounts:

  • For supported CRM's Team plan Administrators can choose to add CRM integrations at the Org level settings (
  • For CRM providers that only allow user level access - so each CRM user will need to add a provider 
Salesforce Limitations:

API access must first be enabled on your Salesforce account in order for CalendarHero to integrate. API access may be restricted based on your Salesforce edition or administration restrictions. Please contact your Salesforce administrator if you do not have access to enable your API.  This is a Salesforce limitation, and not controlled by CalendarHero

For instructions to enable the Salesforce API, please: click here

Hubspot Limitations:

  • When you attempt to connect an integration to HubSpot, you may encounter a Request for Integration Permissions error. These errors occur because certain Hubspot integrations require specific Hubspot user roles and/or specific account-wide tools in order to connect to HubSpot. This is a Hubspot limitation, and not controlled by CalendarHero.  Learn More

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