Can I add an Agenda to my meeting?

CalendarHero supports both a standard agenda (available to all users) and a custom agenda flow (available for Corporate plan users). This article includes information on how to add an agenda (in web or chat) and where the agenda details appear for your meeting attendees. 

Adding an Agenda (Standard)

The standard agenda allows a user to easily type in their meeting agenda in a single entry.  This standard agenda is supported both in the Web app as well as in your favourite chat platform. 

Adding via Web

Using the Web-based "Schedule a Meeting" interface, simply enter your Agenda into the Agenda / Description field on the "Details" screen. 

  • The Agenda field is currently plain text. Line breaks will be respected but additional rich text styling is not currently supported.

Adding via Chat

It's easy to add an agenda when you are making a meeting request using your favourite chat platform.  After you have entered your initial meeting request, say "Add Agenda" and your assistant will prompt you to enter your agenda.

  Once you enter the Agenda you will be able to review and confirm before the meeting invite is sent:

Where will the Agenda appear?

Once added via web or chat, the Agenda details will appear in the following places so that your meeting attendees can easily reference it:

Custom Agendas (Corporate)

For many organizations the standard agenda (info above) provides the easiest way to add a meeting agenda. Custom agendas are only recommended for Corporate admins who require more complex agendas and need to customize their in-chat agenda flow with multiple question prompts.

  • Custom Agendas are only accessible in our supported Chat Platforms or Outlook Plugin. They are not supported in the web scheduling interface.
  • Custom Agendas are only available for Corporate plan users and must be set by the organization Administrator. 
  • Custom Agenda prompts won't appear as part of the meeting flow until an Agenda template is set-up for the Organization
  • Once a custom Agenda template is saved it will be visible to ALL users in your Corporate account as part of the Meeting creation flow.

Interested in using Custom Agendas? We highly recommend that CalendarHero Customer Support set up Agenda templates on behalf of an organization. This will ensure that the Agenda prompts are properly configured based on an organizations' specific needs. For assistance please contact customer support here.

  • Custom Agendas set-up is accessible for Corporate Admins from the Admin Menu > Applications >  Meeting Scheduler (click "Configure"). Here is a direct link:
  • You can create multiple Custom Agenda templates. If more then 1 template is create then the user will be prompted which agenda template they want to use. 
  • Styling: The styling for the Agenda response is set up using the template. Each response can support a separate style, or multiple styles for specific; for example you could prompt for a header in “Client Agenda” that is bold, and then a list in the same Agenda to use bullets. This means that the end user does not have to (and in fact cannot) add styling through the chat interface.

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