My connected integration has an Error

CalendarHero integrates with over 60+ 3rd party providers. If one of your 3rd party integrations encounters an error, or if you remove access permissions for that integration an error message will appear. Learn more below on how to manage errors.

If you have been recently prompted to upgrade your Microsoft providers please view this article for more information.

Error Notifications: 

If your account has an error CalendarHero will be as proactive as possible in order to alert you to the error. Error alerts will appear on the Dashboard, on your morning briefings, and on your My Integrations page (associated with that provider on the Integration card).

For most errors you may also receive an error message notification (by email or your preferred notification platform) as soon as the error occurs. This is to help you proactively identify when a problem occurs that requires action. Ignoring the error may cause a core service such as scheduling to fail. 

Fixing an Error:

In almost all cases, you will need to remove the integration and then add it again, giving CalendarHero new access permissions for it.

  • View your installed integrations from your My Integrations page.
  • To remove the account click the "..." menu and then select "Remove" from 
  • To re-add the account click the "+ Add button" and then reselect the account from the Integrations Directory

If you need more help, or have concerns about errors occurring please contact us.

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