How does "Daily Down Time" work?

"Daily Down Time" allows you to block a percentage of your available time - so people can't schedule meetings with you. 

For example you're available from 8am to 6pm - 10% down time means you will have 1 hour blocked daily.  

If your calendar is not busy enough (under Daily Downtime threshold), CalendarHero will continue offering time slots on that day. Once you have too many meetings on that day, we'll stop offering the day all together. We continue offering any time slot on that day until the day is too busy (as determined by the threshold).
If your assistant tells you are unavailable for a time when you have availability it might be due to your daily down time bring too high. For example if you have daily down time set to 30% then 30% of your day will be kept free and your assistant won't let you schedule meetings during this time.  

Update your Daily Downtime settings from Settings > General Settings:

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