How does CalendarHero remind invitees who haven't selected a time?

CalendarHero is purposely built to add more automation and intelligence to the meeting scheduling process. Click here for an overview of what happens when you first invite your invitees to a meeting. To ensure a meeting is not waiting on an invitees time selection, CalendarHero automatically sends email notifications reminding your invitees to choose a time (so you don't have to!). Below is a summary of these notifications.

Reminder to Respond

If the person you're inviting to a meeting forgets to select a time after the first email, your assistant will kindly (and automatically!) remind them up to four more times. Here is the timing of the notifications. Based on user feedback we follow a smart notification protocol to ensure invitees are reminded - without being sent too many notifications, which may overwhelm or annoy.

  • 1 day after the initial request was sent;
  • 3 days after the initial request was sent;
  • if it's been over 2 days since the last notification and we're less than 1 day away from the start time range 
  • if it's been over 2 days since last notification and we're less than 3 days away from the end time range 

Good to Know:

  • Start time and end time is part of the date range (time frame) and can be set by the meeting creator during meeting creation or in the meeting type by customizing the date range. For example, meet with Sarah "next week" or "before April 25" or between specific dates such as "Jan 1st to Jan 31st". For meeting requests without a date range specified (e.g. "meet with Sarah") your assistant defaults to a 3 week window as the timeframe. 
  • If the user we are notifying is a CalendarHero user, we attempt to notify them only during their work days/hours. In this case some notifications may be skipped depending on the timing. 
  • Meeting Creators can also manually choose to send a reminder from their Active Tasks

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