How to add or modify meeting details in-chat?

This article covers how to add or modify meeting using your favourite chat platform - such as Slack or MSTeams. 

In Chat - Adding Meeting Details

When creating a new meeting you can add a lot of information during the initial meeting creation flow using natural language.

For example: "Schedule a lunch with Paul and Winnie at Boston Pizza for a "Sales Team Sync".  

In the example above, we added the invitees ( Paul and Winnie), the location (Boston Pizza), the meeting title (Sales Team Sync) and referenced the meeting type "Lunch" - which defaults the meeting preferences like timeframe to automatically match the related meeting settings (Learn more about setting up your Meeting types here).

TIP! Scroll below for a handy run down on what details you can specify and how best to ask your assistant.

In Chat - Modifying Meeting Details

You can also easily modify a request as you go during meeting creation to add new details or modify existing details. 

To modify simply type in the changes you want until the meeting details are as required. Click the Modify button at the bottom of the assistant's response to be reminded of the best way to request the change.

How to ask your assistant in-Chat:


  • Use add to add invitees [add Jill]
  • Use remove to remove invitees [remove John]
  • Use with to replace invitees [with Roy and Sam]. This will replace all your existing invitees with those you now list.
  • TIP! You don't need to add yourself to a meeting. As the meeting creator it is assumed that you are attending.


  • Type for or about and type the title between quotation marks [for "Sales Review"] [for "Roxy Demo"]
  • Quotation marks help ensure that your assistant gets the full title exactly as you intended it. This is especially helpful for long titles, or those that include a name or location [for "In-depth discussion with Al Gore to review Climate Policy"]
  • Meeting titles are important as they represent the subject and importance of a meeting to potential attendees.
  • Learn More about adding a meeting title


  • Type this, to, next or on to change the date of the meeting [next Wednesday] [on Friday] [on May 1st]


  • Type for and the length of time you want the meeting to last [for 30 min] [for 2 hours]

Date Range

  • Adjust the time frame during which the meeting can occur by typing in a new date range [Oct 10 - Nov 10] 
  • You can also specify an end time by saying before [before May 1st]
  • TIP! Lengthen the time frame to increase the chances of finding a time that works for everyone
  • Learn more about Date Range


  • Type at and specify the location [at 325 Front Street] [at Tim Hortons]
  • If you don't yet have a location (but want to add one later) you can always use at TBD (to be decided) [at TBD]
  • Did you know you can set a default meeting location or automatically add Video Conferencing? Learn more about Meeting Types

Meeting Room

  • To add a room simply say with a room or add a room for and the room capacity you need [add a room for 6]. 
  • You can also simply say "Add a room" and your assistant will ask you for how many
  • Learn more about Room Booking
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